Jean-François Desîlets

Jean-François Desîlets

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Assistant : Guylaine Poulin
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I have been a partner at Donati Maisonneuve since 2003.

I am a graduate of Université Laval and a member of the Quebec Bar since 1985.

A litigator, I have more than 30 years of experience in civil litigation, construction law and especially insurance law, having appeared before courts of provincial and federal jurisdictions.

With my court experience, I have developed mediation abilities through settlement conferences, as well as skills in assisting clients identify their needs and interests and exploring with them avenues to eventually reach a settlements rather than go to court.

My professionalism and human qualities are such that I seek not only the best solutions for my clients, but their satisfaction as well.

As a member of the Canadian Bar Association, I was President of its Insurance and Civil Litigation section, Quebec Branch, for three years.

This is what we mean by “the assurance of proper representation.”