We are Donati Maisonneuve, LLP

We are Donati Maisonneuve, a law firm specializing in insurance law, professional liability, and civil and commercial litigation.


A boutique law firm backed by extensive experience

Our firm was established in 1999 by Pierre Donati and Roger Maisonneuve. Both had come from a large Montreal legal office with the hope of setting up a boutique law firm that would offer specialized services by remaining attentive to its clients’ overall interests. Over the years, they would bring together a team of qualified lawyers, also from major firms, who had in common a concern to offer the best services possible to a client base that would diversify over time.


We are a leader

Today, Donati Maisonneuve is a leader in both insurance law and professional liability, as well as in disciplinary law, commercial litigation, protection of personal information, real estate law, construction law and media law. Our team’s lawyers are experienced and familiar with the courts. They are respected by the legal community and, each and everyday, place their experience at their clients’ service.


Because client satisfaction matters

We care about getting the job done right and our primary objective is to offer our clients legal services of the highest quality. We are thorough and we make it our duty to meet clients’ needs in an intelligent and logical manner.

Our services are personalized and effective and we are able to adapt to our clients’ needs.


Insurance and liability law

The majority of our lawyers are insurance law specialists. In their practice, they handle all aspects of civil, commercial and professional liability, including medical and pre-hospital liability.
We also have a significant presence in the areas of personnal insurance, that is, inthe area of life and health insurance, as well as accident insurance and annuities.
Our lawyers dedicate themselves to consultations, case studies, drafting and interpretation of insurance contracts, as well as litigation administration and management, including legal proceedings and representation before different jurisdictions.


Real estate law

Our real estate practice focuses on commercial real estate litigation, including hypothecary recourses, recourses between landlords and tenants, disputes involving sales and acquisitions, real estate brokerage and the exercise of property rights. We have also developed expertise in negotiating commercial leases and preventing and resolving real estate conflicts.


Civil litigation

We are thorough lawyers who are respected by the courts at all levels as well as by the decision-makers of numerous administrative bodies, both provincial and federal.
Should the situation call for it, we also consider the use of alternative dispute resolution methods, in which we are true specialists. We are proud to have within our ranks lawyers who are accredited as mediators or arbitrators by the Quebec Bar, the institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec and ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) in civil and commercial matters.


Construction law

We have developed expertise in the area of construction, including litigation involving real estate projects, hidden defects, defective work, design defects, claims of any kind, legal construction hypothecs, performance bonds as well as builder’s liens covering labour, pay and materials.
With this expertise, we represent developpers, general contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers, project owners, engineers and architects.


Civil and professional liability

Many of our firm’s lawyers are leaders in professional liability and have extensive experience in this field. They are called upon daily to provide advice to their clients, assist in their disputes, and represent them before the courts.

The members of our group are often asked to work on complex litigation cases. They are dedicated to properly representing the interests of professionals within the various corporations and businesses that make up our clients. In this context, they are notably required to provide opinions, draft procedures and negotiate agreements of all kinds. Moreover, they have extensive experience in contract drafting.

More specifically, our lawyers have developed indstry-leading expertise in the professional liability of notaries, dentists and architects, as well as insurance brokers and financial institutions.
They often act on cases involving the liability of sales representatives and manufacturers. They also have enviable experience in media liability, and libel and defamation in particular.
In addition, our team has developed special expertise in claim prevention and we offer added value to our clients by suggesting custom training and developing bespoke tools for their work.


Commercial litigation

Our commercial litigation work focuses primarily on banking, bankruptcy and insolvency law, realisation of moveable and immoveable sureties, shareholder disputes and, more generally, in any dispute involving commercial considerations. Furthermore, we advise our clients on the contents of commercial agreements and litigation prevention.

We also act in dismissal and unfair competition (non-competition clauses) cases, and other matters incidental to commercial litigation.


Protection of personal information

Since the adoption of the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector and the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information in the public sector, our lawyers are regularly called upon to advise our clients on the enforcement and interpretation of these acts.
They have also developed in-house training courses to raise employee awareness about the protection of personal information.


Disciplinary and penal law

The members of our team work in disciplinary law in various areas including financial services, brokerage and health, as well as engineering and architecture. They represent professionals who must face various disciplinary committees, the Tribunal des Professions, as well as the criminal division, if applicable.