Stella Prandekas

Stella Prandekas

Quebec Bar 2000

Direct line : 514 499-7455
Fax : 514 499-7478
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Assistant: Julie Vallières
Direct line : 514 499-7469

I am an attorney with 22 years of solid experience in matters of civil commercial litigation. From 2011 to 2019, I built my own practice where I honed my skills in real estate law, more specifically commercial lease disputes and latent defects, as well as developed other areas such as insurance law and civil liability.

I have a very versatile background which enables me to face the various challenges presented daily in my files.

I have represented both landlords and tenants, sellers and buyers, agents and clients in their various disputes, which has helped to broaden my knowledge and further develop the abilities required to successfully argue my cases. My clients are individuals and companies, both small to medium size.

Backed with a strong work ethic, I have always displayed authenticity and excellent judgment in my profession and continue to distinguish myself through empathy and solution-focused approach to my clients’ situation.

I speak and write three (3) languages fluently, namely French, English and Greek.

I have always been an advocate for social implication within the legal community and was involved not only with the Young Bar Association of Laval, but also the Barreau de Laval, Association des avocats et Avocates de Province, as well as various other Committees over the years including a liaison committee with the Court of Quebec in 2021. More recently, I accepted to act as a supervisoir for the Legal Clinic of the Barreau Du Québec to promoto accessibility to justice for the population.

Throughout my career, I have argued cases before most of the civil courts in Quebec, including the appellate Court. 

In March 2022, I joined the ranks of Donati Maisonneuve where I continue to serve my clients with enthusiasm and professionalism.